How to Become a Marketing Manager

Learn how to become a successful Marketing Manager by assessing your personal skills & attributes & gaining relevant on-the-job experience & training.

How to Become a Marketing Manager

Marketing agencies provide clients with services such as market research, marketing communications, direct marketing, and advertising. To become a marketing manager, you need the right training, experience, and personal attributes. Assess your personal skills and attributes to determine if you have what it takes to become a successful marketing manager. Marketers require good analytical skills to understand customer problems and challenges, and creative skills to develop effective solutions.

Excellent communication skills are essential for presenting recommendations to clients with varying levels of seniority. The ability to work as part of a team is also important because you'll be working with other marketing professionals, as well as creative staff and external vendors. Project management skills are necessary for creating program budgets and schedules and coordinating marketing and promotion campaigns. A degree in marketing, advertising, or mass communication is suitable for this type of career.

Alternatively, take a marketing certification program, such as the one offered by Wharton Executive Education. Marketing agencies are looking for individuals with industry experience and a track record of delivering successful marketing campaigns. Working as a marketing executive or manager in a company provides good insight into customer requirements, as well as experience managing marketing programs. Experience in other types of marketing companies, such as advertising agencies, public relations consultancies, or marketing consultancies, is also relevant. Update your resume and your work portfolio.

Describe examples of successful marketing campaigns you have managed, including measurable results. Create case studies of these campaigns and post them on your website with links in your CV. Include links to professional networks such as Linkedin. Research marketing agencies you would like to contact or agencies that have current openings. Visit their websites to learn about the type of work they do, their customers and their values.

Study marketing magazines and other media to find news about your target agencies. Look at the skills they offer to see if you can fill any gaps with the experience and qualifications you have. Send your CV to marketing agencies or hiring consultants working on your behalf. Search marketing agency websites for job pages that indicate current vacancies or accept unsolicited resumes. Refer to the hiring pages of marketing magazines, online marketing publications, or marketing institute employment pages. The first step to becoming a marketing manager is earning a bachelor's degree in marketing.

This degree prepares students for a dynamic marketing environment by combining traditional business practices with novel strategies and advanced technology, such as data analysis, SEO, content management, multimedia, and user interface design. Now that you have a better understanding of how marketing works and a resume that reflects it, start looking for entry-level positions. It's best to start with this if you're still in school or have recently graduated, as companies are more likely to hire someone with little or no experience when you're young. A bachelor's degree is normally required for most companies' marketing positions. However, because the marketing industry changes rapidly, companies don't necessarily need their marketing managers or salespeople to have specialized titles. Most marketing consultants need a bachelor's degree in marketing, business, or communications to get started.

While it's sometimes possible to work as a marketing consultant without a bachelor's degree, most companies require some experience in the field. There are a variety of certifications for marketing consultants that can offer you additional business skills. A well-known option is the Professional Certified Marketer which requires at least a bachelor's degree, a few years of experience and passing an exam to get certified. Marketing managers must be experts at managing their teams and departments analytically and creatively to succeed.

Simplilearn is one of the world's leading providers of online training for digital marketing, cloud computing, project management, data science, IT software development and many other emerging technologies. Before becoming a marketing manager one must gain relevant on-the-job experience to gain a basic understanding of an organization's messaging target audience budgets and inner workings. The duties and responsibilities of a marketing manager will vary depending on company size and industry. It is possible to work for a company that sells its own products or work for a marketing company that provides services to other companies.

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