Why Marketing is Essential for Business Success

Marketing is essential for any business looking for success. Learn why marketing matters and how it can help gain a competitive edge.

Why Marketing is Essential for Business Success

Marketing is an essential part of any business, as it helps to drive sales and create a competitive advantage. Without marketing, many businesses would not exist, as it is the key to success. Through communication, marketing helps companies become market leaders. This post explains more about how marketing can help gain a competitive edge.

Marketing covers a variety of activities, all related to the sale of products and services. Advertising is the most obvious form of marketing, but consumer research is also important to understand customers' wants and needs. Product design is also a form of marketing, as it helps to tailor products and services to customers' needs. Marketing is the process of attracting potential customers to your business.

It includes activities that inform customers about your brand, products and services. All business owners should invest in marketing to create an environment that encourages sales. Some marketers believe that marketing does not include the sales act itself, which is the result of marketing. The growth in number and market share of Amazon's private brands has challenged the effectiveness of other companies' marketing strategies. Market leaders have seen returns around three-quarters of a point higher when they allowed market share to decline than when they maintained it during the period 1970-1972. Market share is calculated by taking a company's sales in dollars over a given period of time and expressing it as a percentage of total market sales volume.

This reflects economies of scale, including the distribution of fixed marketing costs and the ability of large companies to use more efficient means and methods of marketing. Recognizing that the emphasis on market share varies between industries and types of market situations, product and customer decisions are likely to be influenced. Companies with strong competitive positions in their primary product markets tend to be highly profitable. For each business, companies also provided estimates of total sales in the market they serve. Hassan Mansoor, author of “Why Marketing Matters”, defines marketing as a “tool used to create and maintain demand, relevance, reputation, competition and more”. Market leaders have high market share and profitability, so it's natural to ask whether the share of share and profitability changes from industry to industry. The key is to make marketing a priority from the start and continue with it once your small business has achieved some success.

It's easy to see why marketing matters when you start actively promoting your small business.

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